About Us

With nearly half a century of experienced management, KUZEY YILDIZI GROUP MINING exports marble to many regions of the world, especially China and India.

KUZEY YILDIZI GROUP MADENCILIK, which has an important experience in marble production and export, provides important contributions to the sector and country’s exports with its wide product range, above the expectations in Turkey, at world standards, with its quality and success.

KUZEY YILDIZI GROUP MADENCILIK implements contemporary sales and marketing methods with its experienced team, which has adopted the principle of continuous improvement and development, and in this respect, it applies WEBINAR- and similar ONLINE sales techniques in the context of the solution proposals it has developed for its customers.

In the pandemic process, our company has achieved 100% success with its customers, within the framework of WEBINAR- and similar ONLINE sales techniques, with an understanding of service based on trust, and has managed the pandemic process with the most innovative technological developments.

Our company, whose main purpose is to carry the KUZEY YILDIZI brand to the future, aims to modernize the understanding of marble business, to develop this understanding and to transfer it to future generations.

Our company acts from the fact that quality is an indispensable management element within the framework of sustainable, continuous improvement and development. Therefore, KUZEY YILDIZI GROUP MINING; continues to continuously improve the quality of work with its management, employees, customers and business stakeholders.